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Do you want to jump better?  Perhaps your horse is nappy and bad tempered and competing seems out of the question.  Perhaps he veers to the left, cuts corners, puts in extra strides, or thinks he's in a race.  Maybe you are worried about your own lack of experience and how to form a good partnership, or you just have a fear of the jumps outside your comfort zone and long to become more confident in tackling them.

Carol Mailer is a leading show jumping trainer with many years experience helping riders to improve their performance.  At the heart of her training is the grid, an invaluable tool for laying the foundations, for advancing your competence step-by-step, and for tackling every problem that holds you back - all in the most safe and effective way.  In BETTER JUMPING, we see how riders of all ages, ability and ambition, and horses of different scope, temperament and experience, get better and better with the help of Carol's grid work exercises, and also how this translates into success in the show ring.

Packed with exercises for finessing technique and insightful solutions to classic jumping difficulties, and illustrated with hundreds of photographs, BETTER JUMPING is an immensely practical and inspiring book that will set you on the path soaring to success, whatever your level.  Hardcover, 232 pages.

$45.00 AUD plus postage

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