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Gentle Gymnastic Training Techniques

In this gorgeously illustrated book, Anja Beran shares her lifetime of experience studying classical equestrian ideals and ethical principles - and riding and training horses according to them.

Renowned equine veterinarian Dr Gerd Heuschmann's immensely useful and practical foundation of basic equine anatomy and physiological function will prove an indispensable resource.  More importantly, his science supports the training methods Beran offers, providing riders of all abilities the means to reach the highest levels of riding while at the same time regarding the horse's welfare as paramount.

"For a long time now there has been a need for such a book - unreservedly dedicated to the well-being of the horse, despite training to the very highest level.  It should become standard reading for every dedicated horse-lover."  Klaus Balkenhol, Chef d'Equipe US Dressage Team

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