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With all his charisma, style and charm, the Arabian stallion is a treasure to behold and to celebrate.  He graces the show ring and excites our imagination.  He carries us reliably across fields, streams, deserts and valleys, or just around the ring.  He graces us with honoured children from our cherished mares.

Once again, Arabian Stallions Of The World honours the Arabian stallion.  This edition features knowledge about his care and management.  An excellent feature is presented on understanding the importance of nutrition and feed quality on the stallion's health.

How great stallions become great sires through both sons and daughters and generations afterward, is revealed in a historical journey through the history of the great Russian Tersk Stud.

Also in this edition, some elder "noblemen" are recognised.  At age 24, the celebrated Monogramm receives a worthy tribute.  The story of the charismatic and prolific stallion Thee Desperado, now age 20, is revealed by Joe Ferriss.  Then Mr Ferriss continues with a posthumous tribute to one grand elder from the past, the stallion Sultan, who was born in Egypt in 1961 and lived to the remarkable age of 36 years old, plus much, much more!

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