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The horseman's goal is to breed or select individuals that come as close to ideal conformation as possible.  This book is meant to serve as a guide to help you find the best horse for your specific needs in any equine sport or career, but focusing mainly on riding horses.

The first part focuses on anatomy and general conformation principles; the second part walks you through important steps in evaluating a horse.  This collective knowledge will help you see beyond a horse's beauty to recognise the hallmarks of good conformation, soundness, and athletic potential - invaluable tools no matter what type of decision you need to make.

Whether judging or selecting a horse, buying a new horse, making breeding decisions, or determining your horse's suitability for a certain sport or activity, this book will help you.  You'll also learn more about horses and how they function, which will help you become a better horseman.

Softcover, 388 pages.  Author, Heather Smith Thomas.

$21.00 AUD plus postage

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The Horse Conformation Handbook