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The Ultimate Problem Solving Manual For Riders At All Levels

Blyth Tait is one of the most accomplished and admired event riders in the world.  His repeated successes with numerous horses, and the popularity of his training clinics, prove that he has many of the answers to the common problems encountered on today's cross-country courses.

In question and answer form for easy reference, Blyth identifies specific difficulties and offers solutions based on tried and tested methods from his own unique training system.  He provides key training exercises designed to improve the horse's athleticism, confidence and all-round performance.

Blyth explains how to overcome horse problems such as: refusing, rushing, running out, jumping hollow, drifting, carelessness and napping.  He also gives practical advice on how riders can improve their own position and sharpen their skills, and looks at how to deal with some of the dilemmas they face at competitions.

Most importantly, he describes how to tackle almost every kind of jump found on cross-country courses today (including ditches, banks, coffins, water fences, corners, arrowheads, drops, etc.) with numerous tips on avoiding the mistakes that catch out the unwary and the unprepared.  128 pages.

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