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Regardless of the level at which a dressage rider competes, at some point in his or her career, most find themselves in search of a horse with the physical build, gaits, and personality to make their dreams a reality.  But do riders really know what they're looking for?  What does it take for a talented prospect to go from lower to upper levels?

SELECTING THE DRESSAGE HORSE contains a complete description of the ideal dressage horse, covering all aspects of conformation, movement, and temperament in depth.  Dirk Willem Rosie uses traditional mare and stallion selection and performance testing; the common wisdom of world class breeders and trainers; scientific research into equine biomechanics; and a survey of over 200 upper-level dressage riders.  Then Rosie discusses the elements of success and explains the differences (and similarities) between "ordinary" horses and those that become international superstars.

At the end of each chapter, two-time Olympic individual gold medallist Anky van Grunsven offers her own practical tips, techniques, and theories.

Author Dirk Willem Rosie, with notes and comments by Anky van Grunsven.  Hardcover, 120 pages.

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